THE RAINCOATS | Black + White 1979

THRUST IN ME | Richard Kern 1985

Richard Kern, THE CINEMA OF TRANSGRESSION (Manhattan Love Suicides)

About necrophilia, suicide, and bathtubs.  Nick Zedd plays dual roles in this short-film as a street-wandering guy and a suicidal female. The male character finds the woman dead in the tub, and decides that since she's dead... well...

Man / Woman... Nick Zedd
Pimp... Don Houston
Whore... Margo Day
Girl... Dee Finley


I HATE YOU NOW | Richard Kern 1985

About a deformed guy and his girlfriend the film repeatedly taunts the notions of “deformity” & “ugliness”. Richard Kern-artistic-underground-erotic-sick-fetishistic... the spirit of underground cinema... no compromise, explicit scenes, eroticism meets death. The type of stuff that Hollywood fare wouldn't dare to produce, and which the typical film buff wouldn't even care to look at. But if you're here, that's not you.

Man... Tom Turner
Woman... Amy Turner
Pot Head... Bob

"For those of you joining the party late, Richard Kern is a New York City based filmmaker/photographer who during the 1980's created a slew of short films that highbrow critics call "cinema of transgression" and everybody else calls "some sick and twisted s"""."  Fusing the arthouse aesthetic of Godard meets grindhouse horror meets porn, Kern created a look and language for the post-punk subculture that grew (festered?) in the Lower East Side at the time."



Lemon Incest, 'Un zeste de citron' ('A lemon zest') - 'Inceste de citron' ('lemon incest) sung by Serge and his daughter Charlotte who was then 12, recorded in 1984.

Many perhaps thought of him as 'perverted' and 'scandalous' but no, he was simply a very sexual being who did and said exactly what he wanted with not a care of the judgements of others.  He lived his life as he wished, not as others wished.  He highly enjoyed, I have no doubt using his intelligence to irritate and poke fun at the fears and judgements of others.


17 Février 1958


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THE GERMS | 70s LA punk 1979

THE GERMS | American Leather

It's a shame that the Germs are better known for their trashy, charismatic singer Darby Crash's demise than for their music, because M.I.A.: THE COMPLETE ANTHOLOGY proves that they were easily one of the best bands on the LA punk scene in the late 1970s. (According to legend, Crash's fatal overdose wasn't an accident, but a deliberate homage to his idol, Sid Vicious, in an attempt for gruesome rock & roll immortality. Unfortunately, John Lennon was murdered around the same time, and Crash's death never made a blip on the media radar). The too-brief career of a group that had perhaps more untapped potential than any other American punk band of their time.

Darby Crash


BOGGY DEPOT | Curt McDowell 1974

A demented ‘rural opera’ riffing the musical genre in which a young woman (Lulu) falls in love with a guy (Damon) who’s been hypnotized into leaving his shorts on her doorknob, with an obscene message scrawled on them…

Lulu... Ainslie Pryor
Damon... George Kuchar
Neighbor... Kathleen Hohalek
The Mean Brothers... Mark Ellinger and Curt McDowell


NAUGHTY WORDS | Curt McDowell 1974

"NAUGHTY WORDS was a Curt McDowell work covering the gamut of cinematic profanity."
... with some ass-istance from his sister Melinda...


THE FLOWER THIEF | Ron Rice 1960

Taylor Mead traipses with elfin glee through a lost San Francisco of smoke-stuffed North Beach cafés, oceanside fairgrounds and collapsed post-industrial ruins. Boinging along an improvised picaresque up and down the city’s hills, Mead teases playground schoolkids, sniffs wildflowers, gets abducted by cowboys in the park, and has a tea party on a pile of rubble with a potbellied bathing beauty…  With Eric "Big Daddy" Nord, Beat Generation-era nightclub owner, poet, actor, and hipster, beat poets living in North Beach and the poet Bob Kaufman (who in Bagel Shop Jazz, called its patrons "...shadow people...mulberry-eyed girls in black stockings, smelling vaguely of mint jelly…turtle neck angel guys...".)   and shot using surplus black-and-white 16mm film  from film cartridges left over from aerial gunnery equipment used during World War II.

 (Taylor Mead, Jeffrey Joffen, Ron Rice)