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THE GERMS | American Leather

It's a shame that the Germs are better known for their trashy, charismatic singer Darby Crash's demise than for their music, because M.I.A.: THE COMPLETE ANTHOLOGY proves that they were easily one of the best bands on the LA punk scene in the late 1970s. (According to legend, Crash's fatal overdose wasn't an accident, but a deliberate homage to his idol, Sid Vicious, in an attempt for gruesome rock & roll immortality. Unfortunately, John Lennon was murdered around the same time, and Crash's death never made a blip on the media radar). The too-brief career of a group that had perhaps more untapped potential than any other American punk band of their time.

Darby Crash


  1. the film soundtrack in question was william friedkin's cruising

    1. My fav William Friedkin Boys In The Band, actually on my list of films to see before you die...