I HATE YOU NOW | Richard Kern 1985

About a deformed guy and his girlfriend the film repeatedly taunts the notions of “deformity” & “ugliness”. Richard Kern-artistic-underground-erotic-sick-fetishistic... the spirit of underground cinema... no compromise, explicit scenes, eroticism meets death. The type of stuff that Hollywood fare wouldn't dare to produce, and which the typical film buff wouldn't even care to look at. But if you're here, that's not you.

Man... Tom Turner
Woman... Amy Turner
Pot Head... Bob

"For those of you joining the party late, Richard Kern is a New York City based filmmaker/photographer who during the 1980's created a slew of short films that highbrow critics call "cinema of transgression" and everybody else calls "some sick and twisted s"""."  Fusing the arthouse aesthetic of Godard meets grindhouse horror meets porn, Kern created a look and language for the post-punk subculture that grew (festered?) in the Lower East Side at the time."

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