The film, in full. 

The most famous (and arguably most notorious) of Jack Smith's films, a satire of Hollywood B-movies and a tribute to Maria Montez and made using discarded color reversal film stock .  Authorities considered scenes to be pornographic and copies of the movie were confiscated at the premiere (in 1967) and it was subsequently banned (and technically, are to this day).

Inspired by Maria Montez, with whom Jack Smith never met as she died (drowning in her bath) before he began making films, he prayed to her calling her "the Holy One" and "the Miraculous One." After a screening of one of her films, he told a friend, "The Miraculous One was raging and flaming. Those are the standards for art."

"It is a world of flowers of evil, of illuminations, of torn and tortured flesh; at  which is at once beautiful and terrible, good and evil, delicate and dirty... 

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