Albert Kuvezin And Yat-Kha | Live In Europe 2005 Unofficial
Recorded in London and France

The art of Tuvan throat singing is a style in which one or more pitches sound simultaneously over a fundamental pitch, producing a unique sound.

At the beginning of his career at the end of the Soviet era, the ideology department of the Tuvan Communist Party was less than thrilled when Kuvezin picked up the electric guitar and started singing. As a little boy, he had been thrown out of the choir and told to never sing again. It wasn’t until the sounds of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Slayer reached his homeland of Tuva—a remote area of southern Siberia nestled between the Altai and Sayan Mountains—that Kuvezin found the musical bridge between his voice, his heritage, and the universe.

EXODUS (Bob Marley)

PLAY WITH FIRE (The Rolling Stones)

01. The Wild Mountain Thyme (Will Ye Go Lassie Go)
Written-By – Francis McPeake
02. Come Along
03. Lanchy Boom
04. Exodus
Written-By – Bob Marle
05. Dorug Dayim
06. Love Will Tear Us Apart
Written-By – Bernard Sumner, Ian Kevin Curtis*, Peter Hook, Stephen Paul David Morris*
07. Play With Fire
08. Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles
Written-By – Viet Don Va
09. Uzur La Bar
10. The Steppe, The City, The Sea
11. Tuva.Rock


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