Liverpool Echo | S/T  2005
For fans of The Beatles, Merseybeat, and early ‘70s pub rock The first reissue in any format anywhere ever for this lost power-pop classic from 1973.

A band name borrowed from an old Merseybeat-era newspaper, a "Fabs" headlined copy of the paper for an album cover. Liverpool Echo have an uncanny grasp of the Merseybeat sound circa 1963 and 1964. But due to the record label's lack of promotion, both band and LP sank within seconds, to lie forgotten until revived by Rev-Ola.

LIVERPOOL ECHO | Girl On The Train

LIVERPOOL ECHO | You Might As Well Surrender

01. You Might As Well Surrender
02. Girl Said To Me
03. You Know It Feels Right
04. No Not Again
05. Seems Like Today Will Never End
06. Gone Gone Gone
07. If I Told You Once
08. Girl On The Train
09. Sally Works Nights
10. No More Tomorrows
11. Don't You Know I've Been Lying
12. Another Night Alone

Martin Briley (vocals, lead guitar) Brian Engel (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica) Herbie Flowers bass) Clem Cattini (drums) Andrew Pryce Jackman (keyboards)


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